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Goodluck hotel restaurant

Goodluck hotel restaurant


The Little Things Matter

Hotel Amenities

We know how something others consider redundant might be important for you. That’s why we’ve added as many amenities we can for every room we have at Good Luck Hotel .Good Luck Hotel  offers a large number of Room amenities that will ease up your stay when you’re on your vacation. Here’s what you always get when you stay here.

Widescreen LCD TV

Enjoy your favourite TV shows or sports when you’re at your room resting on a 40“ TV screen.

Free Wi-Fi

Rest and do some work if you need to, high speed wi-fi internet is free all around the hotel premises.

Room restaurant

Anytime you want, we’ll provide you with room service, whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Open parking lot

Your car will be safe and sound on our covered car parking lot. You can additionally pay for garage.

Privacy is essential

Whether you just want a quiet nap or value your privacy, just let us know. Noone will bother you.


Our professional guides will be there to help you when hiking or skiing on unmarked places.

Rooms & Suites

We offer the best rooms for our visitors. In this place, you will get an amazing view of mountains which increases your visiting experience.


Amazing food is a part of our tour. For increasing our customer's tour experience we offer the best food services.

Amazing View

Best place for all visitors they will get life's best experience and amazing mountain view from this place.

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